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1. What is Cyberport University Partnership Programme (“CUPP”)?

The Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) is a life-changing experience to unleash participants’ full potential and gain insights into the global market! This financial technology (FinTech) focused entrepreneurship programme offers students who are nominated by CUPP university partners a unique chance to participate in an Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and receive mentorship from industry elites.

2. What will I learn from CUPP?

A series of FinTech pre-camp nurturing sessions and industry mentorship will take place in October to December 2021, in development FinTech knowledge and prepare for the Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp co-host with an overseas university. The Boot Camp will take place in January and focus on entrepreneurship for young talents with lectures, case studies, group work, guest speaker and mentoring. The programme activities will enhance your knowledge in FinTech and entrepreneurial skills, guide you towards your pitch presentation.

3. When do we pitch the FinTech ideas?

After the CUPP Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, the CUPP teams will pitch the FinTech ideas to judging panel at the Demo Day in February 2022. The winning teams result will be announced at CUPP Graduation Ceremony in March 2022. Eligible CUPP students will receive a jointly issued certificate of completion by Cyberport and the overseas university of Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp at the Graduation Ceremony.

4. Who is eligible for CUPP?

- CUPP teams would be expected to build FinTech projects with components in AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.
- Applicants must be nominated by CUPP co-organising university partners (i.e. CityU, HKBU, LingU, CUHK, PolyU, HKUST, OpenU, HKU).
- Applicants must be between 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) upon the application deadline (i.e. 4 August 2021).
- Applicants must be undergraduate or postgraduate students from the CUPP co-organising university partners, either currently enrolled university students or graduated within 3 years from the co-organising universities.
- Applicants must have a good command of English.
- CUPP team member could be a mixture of students from the CUPP co-organising universities.
- Each CUPP team could have up to 5 team members with below combination:
o 1 team leader (i.e. principal applicant) must be a Hong Kong ID Card holder;
o Up to 2 core team members with technical/UIUX/FinTech knowledge are highly preferred; and they could join the Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp;
o Up to 2 supporting team members playing supporting role in the team and they would not join the Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp; and
o Only 3 members in each team could join the Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp overseas.

5. How to join CUPP?

CUPP is a nomination-based programme. Interested applicantss should contact CUPP co-organising university representatives for nomination. Applications should provide their academic performance, award received, entrepreneurial experience and proposed FinTech project to the university representatives for consideration.

Cyberport will contact nominated teams for written test and interview in August and early September 2021. An email will be sent to teams that are successfully admitted to CUPP in mid-September.

The contacts of co-organising university representatives:
- City University of Hong Kong
(Ir. Thomas Chan, Knowledge Transfer Office / Email: Thomas.chan@cityu.edu.hk)

- Hong Kong Baptist University
(Knowledge Transfer Office / Email: best-hkbu@hkbu.edu.hk)

- Lingnan University
(Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative/ Email: lei@ln.edu.hk)

- The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(Ms. Esther Cheng, PI Centre /Email: picentre@cuhk.edu.hk)

- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(Institute for Entrepreneurship /Email: inno.hub@polyu.edu.hk)

- The Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology
(HKUST Entrepreneurship Center /Email: ecenter@ust.hk)

- The Open University of Hong Kong
(OpenU Academic Support / Email: kymwong@ouhk.edu.hk)

- The University of Hong Kong
(HKU iDendron / Email: idendron@hku.hk)

General enquiry:
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Email: training@cyberport.hk

6. What if I don’t have a team? Or looking for more team members?

Cyberport and CUPP co-organising universities will arrange networking sessions in June and July 2021 for like-minded students to form teams, join existing teams or search for additional members.

7. Do I have to pay to join CUPP?

Students successfully admitted to CUPP are required to pay a non-refundable HK$1,000 admission fee. The admission fee covers administrative costs and all the fee collected would be used for Cyberport University Partnership Programme.

Refundable HK$2,000 deposit will be collected from CUPP students. The deposit is refundable upon full attendance and performance of the participants in CUPP 2021-22, as assessed by Cyberport.

8. What is the prize?

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (“CCMF”) HK$100,000 will be disbursed to the CUPP winning teams in 3 stages:
Stage 1: HK$10,000 shall be paid to the CCMF Grant Recipient upon the signing of the CCMF Agreement.
Stage 2: HK$45,000 shall be disbursed upon successful completion and approved of the Interim Report by Cyberport.
Stage 3: HK$45,000 shall be disbursed upon the prototype is completed and final report is approval by Cyberport.