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1. Who is eligible for CUPP?

To join CUPP, each team has to fulfill below criteria:
-  Applicants shall form teams with a maximum of 5 members from the same university nominating the teams
-  Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) upon the application deadline
-  Applicants can be undergraduates or postgraduates and all team members must be currently enrolled students or have graduated within 3 years from the university nominating the team
-  Principal applicant of the team must be a Hong Kong Permanent ID Card holder
-  Projects must be FinTech related  
-  Only 3 members in each team could join the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp overseas

2. How to join CUPP?

CUPP is a programme of nomination-based. Interested application should contact enrolled university and Cyberport for nomination details. Nominated teams should provide their academic performance, award received, entrepreneurial experience and proposed FinTech project to the universities for consideration of nomination.
Written test and interview will be arranged after the nomination. Selected students will be notified by email from Cyberport.
You may also contact representative of enrolled university:
-  City University of Hong Kong
(Ms. Fanny Ho, Knowledge Transfer Office / Email:fanny.ho@cityu.edu.hk)

-  Hong Kong Baptist University
(Ms. Becky Poon, Knowledge Transfer Office / Email:becky_poon@hkbu.edu.hk)

-  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
(HKUST Entrepreneurship Center /Email: entrepreneur@ust.hk)

-  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(Ms. Esther Cheng, Centre for Entrepreneurship /Email: picentre@cuhk.edu.hk)

-  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(Mr. Clement Lee, Institute for Entrepreneurship /Email: clement.k.lee@polyu.edu.hk)

-  The University of Hong Kong
(HKU Technology Transfer Office / Email: info@tto.hku.hk)
You are always welcome to contact Cyberport Youth Team any time during office hours at (852) 3166-3839, or via e-mail at youth@cyberport.hk

3. Where the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is and what will I learn?

The Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is held at the university in USA. With a focus on financial technology (FinTech), the training will feature lectures, case studies, group work, guest speaker sessions, as well as personal coaching a

4. When to present my FinTech ideas?

After the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, all teams will present their FinTech ideas at the Demo Day in Hong Kong.

5. How the HK$100,000 grant is to be distributed?

Total HK$100,000 grant shall be disbursed to the Grant Recipient (i.e. CUPP winning teams) in 3 stages as following:

- Stage 1: HK$10,000 shall be paid to the Grant Recipient upon the signing of the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) Agreement
- Stage 2: HK$45,000 shall be disbursed, when the Interim Report is approved by Cyberport
- Stage 3: The remaining HK$45,000 shall be disbursed, when the working prototype of the project is completed and the Final Report is approved by Cyberport

6. Do I have to pay to join CUPP?

Participants should prepare the passport and the USA Visa by themselves. The Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is free of charge to the CUPP teams.
CUPP Teams shall join all programme activities throughout the programme period. Cyberport has its right to request applicants and/or CUPP Teams which do not participate the CUPP Demo Day to pay back the expenses (e.g. air ticket and accommodation fee) incurred for their attendance in the CUPP Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.