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Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme (MDSS)


To continuously support Cyberport community companies, the Overseas/ Mainland Market Development Support Scheme (MDSS) is announced by Hong Kong Government to provide a financial subsidy for Cyberport incubatee, grantee or alumnus from the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) and/ or Cyberport Incubation Programme (CIP) to develop Mainland and Overseas market.


Applicant must be:

(a) a Cyberport incubatee, grantee or alumnus from the CCMF and/ or CIP before the date of MDSS application; and

(b) a HKCMCL incubatee, grantee or alumnus from CIP and CCMF who have not raised equal to or more than US$10 million of funding in total, on the date of filing a reimbursable claim.

Financial Assistance Scope

The financial assistance period lasts for 24 months from the first date of relevant Market Development Activities. The reimbursable percentage is up to 75% of eligible expenses. The total reimbursement claims for each Applicant shall not exceed HK$200,000.

Scope of Market Development Activities for Overseas/ Mainland Markets

  • Delegation mission to Overseas/ Mainland
  • Marketing exhibition/ conference/ event
  • Landing service for Overseas/ Mainland market expansion
  • Online/ offline marketing services for Overseas/ Mainland market expansion


“Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme” Sign-up Form
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Guides and Notes for “Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme” Applicants
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Enquiry: mdss@cyberport.hk

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