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Cyberport 3


Building features:


  • Over 53,000 m2 of lettable floor area consisting of Grade A office space across 12 floors. Office sizes are flexible and range from 200 m2 to a whole floor of 9,000 m2.
  • Double glazed glass curtain wall with panes of low-emissivity coatings.
  • Open ceiling design.
  • Clear ceiling height of 2.9 m.
  • Raised floor of 150 mm clear space.
  • T5 fluorescent fittings supplied in materials.
  • Dedicated chilled water supply available for connection to server room.
  • Optical fiber and CAT 6 block-wiring system.
  • Smartcard security system.
  • 24-hour central air-conditioning with zoned variable temperature control and energy saving devices.
  • Electrical loading design with 150VA/m2 with dual riser.
  • Essential power design with 30VA/m2 with dual riser.
  • Over 760 parking spaces available throughout the campus, and available Electric Vehicle Charging Station.





Exhibition Venue

Lobby L1, Core A & B

Lobby L1, Core E

Exhibition Gallery, L3, Core C

Terrace Garden, L3, Core C-F

Green Concourse, L3, Core E

Sea View Concourse, L3, Core F

Meeting Venue

Function Room 1

Function Room 2

Function Room 3

Function Room -3

Training Theatre

Training Room 1

Training Room 2

Training Room 3

Training Room 1-3

Go Green (AV Area)

Go Green

Live Stream Zone

Live Streaming Pod

Smart Living Lab 2

Smart Living Lab 3

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