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Park Enhancement Works


The Cyberport Expansion Project will also enhance the environment and facilities of the existing Cyberport Waterfront Park for the public to enjoy.


The enhancement works cover the following key elements –
i. returfing;
ii. inclusion of pet-friendly facilities;
iii. tree planting and greening;
iv. providing children play area and leisure facilities;
v. enhancing the waterfront promenade;
vi. providing landscape facilities such as viewing deck;
vii. inclusion of smart facilities;
viii. enhancing landing facilities; and
ix. improving ancillary facilities such as the addition of barrier-free lavatories etc.


To further collect public opinions on the waterfront park enhancement works, Cyberport has jointly organised the “Co-Create Smart Park Challenge” with a non-government organisation (NGO). The competition aims to collect from the general public some feasible and creative design concepts with smart elements to further enhance the environment of Cyberport Waterfront Park; promote environmental protection and encourage sustainable developments.


Some awarded entries are illustrated below:



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